What it is, how to use it, and why you should care

Billy Buchanan

Sr Research Scientist, SAG Corporation

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What it is

  • Programs that write or modify programs
  • Inputs are data, metadata, and/or sourcecode
  • Processes Concept Classes used (see Damaševičius & Štuikys, 2008 for details):
    • Code Generation
    • Transformation
    • Reflection
    • Generalization
  • Output is static or dynamic

How is it implemented in Stata?


  • Macros can be used to compose syntax
  • Evaluation of macros enables flexible composition
  • Control evaluation with \ or macval()
  • Access metadata with extended macro functions

Mata Strings

  • Use string variables to create and modify syntax
  • Incorporate values stored in Stata macros as needed
  • Mata function stata() can execute your code
  • Mata classes persist across Stata commands

How to use it

Dynamic Code Generation


Static Code Generation




Code Templates


Code Templates


Stata/Java "Reflection"


Why you should care

  • Abstraction
  • Time Savings
  • Automation/Reproducibility


  • Programs that write or manipulate other programs
  • Use macros and Mata strings variables
  • Proper use = reduced time and effort